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Hospital Information System

Hospital Information Financial & Business Solutions

Hospital Management Key Fetures

 Security based services

 Totally customize based application.

 One time software life time use.

 Database backup facilities applicable.

 User friendly Software.

 Easy to operate.

 Ease to Search.

 Trustworthy relation.

 Taking you to The next level.

 24×7 Service

OPD Department Module

 OPD Regestration

 OPD Report

 Receipt Form

 Consultant wise Report

 Day Care

 Print all Module

 Export to Excel

 OPD Prescription

OPD Report

 Patient Registration Report

 Billing Report

 Day Care Report

IPD Department Module

 IPD Regestration

 IPD Report

 OT Schedule

 Discharge Form

 Bed Occupancy

 IPD Report for Doctor

 Bed Transfer

 Diagnosis Report

 Nursing Notes

IPD Report

 IPD report

 OT Report at Both label ( reception, IPD),

 Billing Report

 Discharge Summery

 Print Module

 Export all the report in excel format

TPA Department Module

 TPA Companey Wise Registration

 TPA Billing

 Print Module

 Search Record

TPA Report

 TPA Registration Report

 Billing Report

 Billing Summery Details

 Print Module

 Export all the report in excel format

Lab Management Department Module

 Pathology Lab Entries

 ICU Lab Entries

 Other Lab Entries

 OPD Based Lab

Lab Management Report

 Pathology lab Report

 ICU Lab Report

 Other Lab Entries Report

 Print All Report

 Export all the report in excel format

 Report search Module

Store Management Department Module

 Product Registration

 Purchase form

 Sale From

 Stoke Management

Store Management Report

 Purchase Report

 Sale Report

 Daily Purchase Report

 Daily Sales Report

 Stoke Management Report

 Report Print Module

 Product Wise purchase Report

 Product Wise sale report

Account Ledger Department Module

 OPD Billing

 IPD Billing

 TPA billing

 Print Module

Account Ledger Report

 OPD Billing Report

 IPD Billing

 TPA billing Report

 Print Module Report

 Export all the report in excel format

Administration Department Module

 User Registration

 User Tracking (Login and Logout Details)

 Print Module

 Export all the report in excel format

 Department Wise Login

 User Rights

Pharmacy Department Module

 Product Registration

 Product Purchase form

 Product Sales form

 Product Stock Report

 Sales Report

Pharmacy Report

 Product Registration

 Product Purchase Billing

 Product Sales Report

 Product Stock Report

OT Department Module

 OT Schedule Registration

 Stock Entry

 Product Entry form

 OT Consent Form

 OT Consumable list

OT Report

 Stock Entry Report

 Product Entry Report

 OT Consent Report

 OT Consumable Report

Radiology Department Module

 Radiology Patient Registration

 Accession Entry


Radiology Report

 Radiology Patient Registration Report

 Accession Entry Report

 Inventory Report

Nursing Department Module

 Clinical Notes

 OT Notes

 Patient History

 Doctor Note

 Initial Assessment

Nursing Report

 Clinical Notes Report

 OT Notes Report

 Patient History Report

 Doctor Note Report

 Initial Assessment Report